25 Creative Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

Rice crispy treats are loved by everyone, and what better time to make them than at Halloween? These treats are super-easy to make and only involve a few ingredients, so you don’t have to be Betty Crocker herself to make them right. You can also decorate them in dozens of ways, making them an even better choice when Halloween season rolls around.

If you’re looking for some great ideas to make the cutest Halloween rice crispy treats out there, keep reading.

1. Cute Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats

When making the treats, you’ll add some orange food coloring, which of course can be made by combining the colors red and yellow. You should be able to find orange food coloring, however. Roll the rice crispy treats into balls and on top of each one, place a Rolo candy and a green M&M. The Rolo will look like the stem and the green candy looks like a leaf. Genius!

  2. Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Candy Corns

For these treats, it works best to shape them like candy corn. You’ll dip the longest end at the bottom in regular chocolate and the top, smaller end in white chocolate. They look like a candy corn of a different color, and the chocolates add a most unique taste and a lot more sweetness to the treats themselves. Perfect for sugar-lovers of all types!

3. Monster Rice Crispy Treats

Cute, cute, cute! Shape the rice crispy treats into squares like you normally would, then place a stick on one side so you can hold the stick while you eat the treat.

Next, drizzle icing over the top part of the treat and place small “eyes” that you get from a craft store all over the icing. You can’t eat the eyes, of course, but you can pull them off right before you start nibbling.

Or, you can use candy eyeballs instead and make the whole thing edible!

4. Halloween Mummy Treats

To design these, make the treats like you normally would, then use a piping bag filled with white icing to decorate them. You can go back and forth with the bag to make it look like lots of white layers are on the treats, and for added effect, you can place two eyes near the top of the treat. You can use either fake eyes or candy eyes. If you do it right, the eyes will look like they’re spookily peering through the mummy’s layered “bandages.”

5. Witch’s Hat Halloween Treats

To make this one, choose a dark color – such as purple or dark brown – and use food coloring to make the treats that color. Flatten out part of the rice crispy cereal so that it’s round and flat, then create a cone shape with another piece of the rice crispy mix and place the cone on top of the flat piece.

Then, get creative and decorate the hat any way you wish! Don’t forget the brim, which you can use icing or candies to get the look you want.

6. Jack-o-Lantern Rice Crispy Treats

Again, you’ll want to use some type of orange food coloring while making the treats, then shape the treats into pumpkin shapes (don’t forget the stem at the top!).

Next, use a piping bag with chocolate icing in it and use it to draw two rectangle eyes and a long mouth. Make them as scary or as friendly as you want them to be!

7. Frankenstein Treats

After making the rice crispy treats using green food coloring, sprinkle melted chocolate on the top of the treat for the hair, and use the same chocolate to make a small mouth. Add candy eyes near the top of the treat and voila – you have your own Frankenstein!

8. Black Cat Treats On a Stick

Shape your treats into the shape of cat faces complete with ears, then dunk each treat into melted chocolate or chocolate chips. For even more yummy taste, you can sprinkle crushed Oreo cookies all over the treat.

Then put candy eyes on them and use a piping bag with different colors of icing for the whiskers and the mouth.

9. Classic Ghost Rice Crispy Treats

These are super-easy because all you have to do is shape the rice crispy treats into a ghost shape, cover them with a layer of white icing, and use miniature chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. You can also use a cookie cutter and punch them out in no time.

They are indeed simple, but at a Halloween party they will be greatly loved!

10. Spider Rice Crispy Reeses Treats

With the rice crispy treat made, shape it into a round circle, then place a Reese cup on top of the treat, making sure the candy is smaller than the treat itself. Use chocolate icing to make the legs, and don’t forget to add candy or fake/candy eyes to the Reese cup to make them even more adorable.

The larger the eyes are, the spookier the design will turn out! When it comes to the perfect Halloween rice crispy treats, you can’t beat this classic design.

11. Monster Eyeball Rice Crispy Treats

These are sure to stand out at any Halloween party. Just add different food coloring to each treat and shape them into balls. Use colors such as purple, green, and brown for the best effect.

Next, simply add a huge candy eyeball to one side of the treat. It really is that simple, and your guests will love having those cute monsters staring at them before it’s time to eat them.

12. Fun Batty Halloween Treats

Make your standard rice crispy treats, then get ready to decorate. First, put some orange food coloring in white icing and drizzle it over the top of the treat. Next, take an Oreo cookie – just the cookie itself and not the inside part – and cut one-half of the cookie into two parts.

Place the two parts on top of the rice crispy treat to make two bat wings, then add candy eyeballs where the two pieces come together in the middle.

13. Candy Corn Rice Crispy Treats

With these treats, you’ll not only shape them into candy corn shapes, but you’ll use three different colors in the process. Choose orange food coloring for the treats at the bottom, yellow for the section in the middle, and leave the top one plain and without any food coloring.

Because of the way rice crispy treats are made, you can easily push each section together with your hands.

14. Skeleton Coco Crispy Halloween Treats

For these treats, all you have to do is shape them into tiny human beings, then take white icing and a piping bag and draw skeleton bones all over each one. If you like, you can complement each one by making two dark dots for the eyes and a dark dot for the mouth using chocolate icing. It is a simple design, but a classic one as well.

15. Classic Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

Here’s another simple one that looks great when you’re done. Make the rice crispy treats into squares like you normally do, then all you have to do is two things: drizzle regular chocolate over the top of each treat, and add a few real-life candy corns for a great special effect. After all, nothing says “Halloween” like candy corn does!

16. Black and Orange Rice Crispy Treats

These are basic Halloween rice crispy treats that require no extra effort on your part. Simply make the treats like you normally do, then drizzle both chocolate and orange-colored icing all over the top of each treat.

Not only are they super-easy to make, but they are very eye-catching thanks to the two different colors and the fact that they look so “Halloween” with the black and orange drizzles.

17. Tombstone Coco Crispy Treats

To make these rice crispy treats, simply use dark food coloring and shape them in squares like you normally would. Next, use a piping bag and use white icing to write RIP onto each of the treats.

Stand them straight up so they look like a tombstone, and if you like, you can place a small pumpkin candy next to each of them for a more unique look.

18. Peanut Butter Halloween-Themed Rice Crispy Treats

When you’re mixing up these rice crispy treats, mix in candy corn and other types of Halloween candy, or simply put small M&M’s in Halloween colors such as yellow, orange, and brown. You can try a peanut butter rice crispy treat as well for extra flavoring.

Once you make the treats, the colors of the candy will poke through and make them look colorful. For a final touch, drizzle some chocolate on the top of the treat and you’re done.

19. Cute Monster Treats

For these, all you have to do is shape the treats like a tiny human being. Then, use colorful icing to make each part of the monster – for instance, green icing for the body, chocolate icing for the hair, yellow icing for the eyes, and orange icing for the mouth.

You can use any color you like, but it works best if you stick with Halloween colors such as brown, purple, green, and yellow.

20. Bloody Eyeballs Halloween Treats

Nothing says Halloween rice crispy treats like those shaped like bloody eyeballs! Simply shape the treats into balls and cover them with white icing. These would go perfect with our Halloween eyeball cupcakes.

Next, place a large round candy in the middle of each ball, then draw red lines from different parts of the candy to look like lines of blood. If you’ve ever had bloodshot eyes, you’ll recognize the look immediately!

You can even use peppermint-flavored icing for the red lines.

21. Spooky Rice Crispy Treats

These are simple because they are basic rice crispy treats that you put sticks on the end of so they’re easier to eat. Ice one-half of each square treat with white icing (the top half), then place miniature chocolate chips on them for the eyes and mouth.

It’s just that simple, and it won’t take you any time at all to complete them! For added flavor, use a peanut butter rice crispy treat recipe instead.

22. DIY Halloween Inspired Treats

For these rice crispy treats, you can get creative and make them differently every time. Start with using chocolate crispy cereal instead of regular, or use dark food coloring to give the treats a more Halloween feel.

Next, decorate them however your heart desires – with green sprinkles, tiny orange candies, miniature marshmallows, or a combination of one or more of these! You can even make each treat in the batch look a little different – your entire family will appreciate your creativity.

23. Hocus Pocus Rice Crispy Treats

These are rice crispy treats covered in icing, but this time you’ll use chocolate icing instead of white. After the squares are completely covered in the icing, you’ll use black icing to draw various designs onto the top of each square.

Make each drawing something different, and include things such as worms, squiggly marks, and round circles that you can then insert candy eyeballs in the middle of. Again, use your imagination and have some fun!

24. Candy Corn Rice Crispy Cake

If you want to try something a little different, try this one! Instead of making your treats into squares or other designs, make a yummy bundt cake out of it.

Use a greased Bundt pan and layer in the multi-colored marshmallow rice crispy mix. Then drizzle three types of icing on it: orange, yellow, and white. Use food coloring to get the orange and yellow colors and plain white icing for the third color.

25. Creepy Brains Rice Crispy Treats

For totally unique Halloween rice crispy treats, give these a try. Start by shaping the treats into round, but slightly misshapen balls and make an “indention” straight down the middle so that it looks like a brain with two separate sides.

Then, take red icing or some type of peppermint icing and drizzle it on the top of each treat so that it looks like a bloody brain. Definitely creepy, but something everyone will want to devour!

You should be able to find at least one option here to become your favorite treat of all time to make for Halloween! Nothing tastier or funner to make than rice crispy treats! If you have a passion fro whipping up tasty treat, let us know or send us a pic so we can share.

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