Apple Bites- Scary Halloween Snack Food

How scary are these little guys, but too cute to pass up and they are on the more healthy side of all the sweet Halloween snack foods. Simple to make and fun to display. You could make these little guys really creepy by adding some peanut butter in their mouth or some food coloring for that extra gross Halloween recipe treat for everyone. Be sure to display them in a really public place so everyone can see how cute and fun they are. These are also perfect cupcake toppers for a monster party theme or just an exciting Halloween party at your friends.


* Quarter apples and take a wedge out of the center of each quarter. Dunk them in water with a little lemon juice to prevent browning.-
* Use slivered almonds for teeth (I toasted mine for color and taste!)
* Eyes are optional but can be make by poking in some pretzels, adding a tab of peanut butter and then a small m&m or other candy piece.

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