Aquarium Jello Recipe- Fun Jello Recipe for Kids

Making Halloween treats and desserts is one of my favorite things, but I love it when an item can be adapted to use at a number of different functions. Aquarium jello is one of those recipes that is always fun for kids to make- it easy and tons of fun. I love making the jello in a fish bowl to give it that extra level of creativeness and fun as everyone comments on its uniqueness. It can be made to be creepy- which is perfect for Halloween parties, it can be made to accommodate little kids, big kids, or even adults. It can be made in individual cups or a big glass container and is a super fun preschool activity or birthday party idea. You really can use your imagination when it comes to making aquarium jello by adding different candies, textures, veggies, and other fun stuff to create a fun and edible underwater scene.

Aquarium Jello Recipe


* new goldfish bowl or clear glass container
* red hots, gumballs or Jelly Belly gravel beans
* gummy fish or swedish fish
* parsley sprigs (these make great plants but the taste is not the best)
* blue Jello
* ice cubes
* cold water


1. Start with a clean, new goldfish bowl or clear glass container. In the bottom place Jelly Belly beans, gumballs, or red hots to look like rocks.

2. Mix up as much blue Jello as your bowl will hold. Mix using ice cubes & cold water instead of the cold water called for on the box. Pour this into the bowl over a knife blade or something to keep from disturbing the gravel.

3. If you want it to have ‘seaweed’, poke a couple of pieces the parsley or something similar down into the gravel.

4. When the whole thing starts to jell, use a wooden skewer to push gummy fish into different parts of the bowl.

5. For an added touch of fun you can include plastic ships, divers, treasure chests or creepy underwater sea cretaures.

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