Creepy Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas

imagesHalloween only comes around once a year and it’s the best opportunity to let your spooky creativity out. Decorating cookies is a great way to get the whole family together for a fun evening and to get a little dirty while you’re at it. With a few staples and some imagination you are bound to decorate the spookiest cookies on the block.

The first thing you should do is decide on what kind of creepy Halloween cookies you want to make and then prepare at least a couple dozen. Sugar cookies take well to decor, so they are a good choice. However chocolate chip, peanut butter and fudge cookies are all great choices too. Once your cookies are cooled, put together an assortment of decorating tools on the counter. These can include:

– Icing (various colors)
– Toothpicks (for decorating with)
– Food Coloring
– Raisins
– Almonds
– Coconut

There are tons of variations when it comes to choosing décor so use what you have or make a list and make a trip to the store. There is no right or wrong here. However, with the small list of provided ingredients you can make plenty of cool cookies.

Spider Cookies

Use chocolate frosting and place a dollop in the middle of the cookie, which becomes the spider’s body. Using a toothpick, pull some of the icing from the dollop and onto the cookie in a fashion that it makes spider legs. Use coconut to create a small spider web around the edges of the cookie and enjoy!

Bloody Bug Cookies

Use red food coloring and put “splats” randomly atop the cookie, making sure the splats are just a little bigger than the raisins. Once the splats are in place, put raisins on each one and push them down so the food coloring oozes out of the sides a little for the “bloody” effect. Using a toothpick, smear the food coloring a little and you have created a cookie with squashed bugs all over it…ewwww.

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