Dirt Nap Pudding, a Fun Halloween Treat for Kids

With all the great costumes and decorations available for Halloween kids will be more excited than ever to get through the day just to put it on.

Having a fun Halloween party for kids during this time to make sure they are happy and safe is super important too.

A super easy Halloween Dessert for kids to make and eat is dirt nap pudding- something everyone will love.

Dirt Nap Pudding is a quick and inexpensive way to bring excitement of the holiday onto the dinner table just by following these easy directions.

What you will need:

1-Box of pudding and pie filling

2- Chocolate Sandwich cookies

4- Vanilla Wafer Cookies

1- Tube Black Cake Decorating Gel

4- Serving Cups

4- Cake Candy Flowers, Rosettes, or other fun Halloween candies

Pudding Directions;

Stir pudding mix and two cups of milk into a sauce pan and place on stove

While stirring constantly bring mixture to a full boil over medium heat

Place in serving cups or in one large container.

“Dirt” Directions:

Remove filling from chocolate sandwich cookies

Place in small sandwich bag and crush to a medium crumb consistency using the side of a drinking glass or cup

Sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies on top of pudding before it sets


Using the black cake decorating gel write RIP on vanilla wafer leaving enough room on one side to insert into the “dirt” without covering up the letters

Place candy flower or rosette (available in cake decorating department of your grocery store) in front of “headstone”. You can have lots of fun and let the kids enjoy this Halloween dessert as well; they can place other candies like worms, pumpkins, or even zombies. Its also a perfect dessert for a kids Halloween party as you can let them do it all.

Refrigerate before hand and place on the table when serving your meal to add to the Halloween décor.

This post was contributed by Kaila West, who writes about all things Halloween, from adult Halloween costumes to party ideas at CostumeSuperCenter.com.

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