Easy Halloween Finger Foods

The next time you’re having your spook-tacular Halloween party for friends or family members, you might be wondering what types of food would be appropriate to serve. The key to this party, is that the purpose of the party is to have fun. This isn’t the type of party where you want to break out a five course meal! Keep it simple, absolutely! The most simple type of party food is finger foods. Finger foods are just that; they’re foods that are meant to be enjoyed with the fingers, and are usually placed on napkins, or little paper cocktail plates. Finger foods are enjoyable for kids and adults, and they helped make life easier for the party host. There are lots of foods that can be created for your next Halloween party. Here’s a look at foods that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Halloween Finger Foods For Kids

If you want to fix finger foods that are great for kids, you can go with the basic finger foods that are enjoyable at all of the parties for kids. For example, why not fix them some frozen mini corn dogs, or pizza rolls? Corn dogs are especially popular in the autumn time, because they bring to mind the autumn fairs, were corn dogs are constantly being sold. The kids also love chicken nuggets. Keep in mind again that the Halloween party is all about the candy, and the fun. Make it easy on yourself, serve a few fun treats, and you’ll be just fine.

Halloween Finger Foods For Adults

Adults: If you are hosting a Halloween party for adults, you would want to serve finger foods that are a little bit more sophisticated than what you would serve to the kids. However, there is still is a need for you to keep it simple to save your sanity. When adults come over your house for a Halloween party, they’re going to be paying attention to each other’s costumes, and they’re going to want to enjoy alcoholic drinks. They’ll appreciate the food, but they won’t be expecting servings of fillet mignon, for example. To this end, get a recipe book, or look online at some common favorites for finger foods, such as anything that is puffed, pursed, or wrapped in a crescent roll. Keep it simple, keep it simple!

Gross & Creepy Halloween Finger Food Ideas

Some people like to get very creative during their Halloween parties, and when they’re serving a guest food. Because Halloween is all about things that are scary or creepy, some people like to create dishes that are downright creepy or gross. For example, you might be able to creep out your guests with little Jello spiders. Simply buy dark purple, or black Jell-O mix, and pour the Jell-O inside of spider molds. When they have set, set them on a plate, and your guests will be able to look at all the spiders on the plate. Some people like to go with the gross theme, by making a bloody punch, or are serving up meatballs, and pretending that it’s eyeballs. If you use your imagination, you can come up with a lot of ideas that are both quick, easy, and on message for the holiday.

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