Freaky Creepy Halloween Kids Dessert

gross-halloween-recipes-donut-eyesMake your kids day and become the coolest parent in the world by creating freaky creepy desserts for the next scary occasion. Halloween is not the only time a creepy dessert could come in handy, teenagers will appreciate the effort as well for those sleepovers that include scary movie marathons. One really simple dessert sure to elicit screams of delight is eyeballs on a fork.

There are several methods for making this spooky dessert but the simplest method includes donut holes, white frosting, food coloring, tiny chocolate chips and forks. Grab all your ingredients and head to the kitchen to prepare this favorite creepy dessert.

In a mixing bowl take a small amount of white frosting and blend in enough red food coloring to make a convincing blood color. Set this aside while you prepare each donut hole. Spear each of your donut holes with a fork and stand them upright, you can do this easily with a foam block for flower arrangements. Ice each hole completely with white frosting then place a small chocolate chip or M&M mini in the center of your “eye”. Carefully drizzle the red icing in squiggly lines from the iris of the eye to the back of the donut hole. You have now created the perfect creepy eyeball dessert for kids of all ages.

You can also use white chocolate for coating the donut eyeballs; however, you should be aware that this would require more hands and precision. Melting chocolate can be tedious and once it has reached melting point you will want to use it immediately. Frosting gives you more time and latitude when creating spooky desserts.

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