Gross Halloween Snack Mix

18ce337e-dbe9-4f94-b607-7f13181c856cSuper easy and as gross as you want to get; Halloween Snack Mix is the perfect appetizer, dessert, or just simple a treat for trick-or-treaters. This snack mix is perfect Halloween recipe for kids to make too. Just put out a bunch of ingredients and let the kids have a blast making each bowl. This is also a great activity if you are hosting a kids Halloween party as you can have them make neat pumpkin bags or creepy cups to put their snack mix in.

Gross Halloween Snack Mix Ingredients:

* Candy Corn
* Gummy Worms
* Raisins
* Mini Marshmallows
* Pretzel Sticks
* Cheerios or Chex Cereal
* Nuts (be sure no one has peanut allergies)
* Tubed Gel Frosting in Red or Green
* Melted Chocolate
* Black and Orange paper cups

Gross Halloween Snack Mix Directions:

Give each child a paper cup and let them scoop the ingredients into their bowl mixing and creating as they go along. For that extra creepy look drizzle some red or green gel frosting on top of the mixture or melted chocolate. Be sure to add a few gummy worms for that extra creepy and gross aspect to it!

**For some extra activity fun you can have some markers, glue, googly eyes, feathers, etc. available for the kids to decorate their cups or bags before they add their snack mix.

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