Halloween Treat Ideas For Kids

20111125-choc-cemetery-1-2It’s never too early to plan for Halloween, but try telling that to the kids. Inevitably, they forget until the last minute that you’ve been promised to provide treats for a class party. Not just any old fast treat, either. They want a unique Halloween treat that definitely indicates blood, body parts, and prompts revulsion. Ugh. Don’t panic! Save the day with unique Halloween Treat ideas and suggestions from Gross Halloween Recipes.

Remember to let the kids help. This is a very kid-friendly activity. This recipe can be made with a number of different items- so choose the things you like and make the perfect treat- substitutions are a fun part cooking together kids!

Turnover of the Graves

Turnover of the Graves is always a winner because it is fast and easy to make. Buy several turnovers that are rectangular shapes. Don’t panic if the store has none; these are the apple and cherry pies sold two for a dollar at the biggest fast food restaurant in the country. Line a 10″ x 12″ box top with aluminum foil or waxed paper. Take a scoop or two of any chocolaty cereal, and spread it on top of the lining to make the dirt for the graveyard.

Shake some coconut flakes in a couple of drops of green food coloring. Once the coconut is green, set it aside till you are ready to plant the grass. Put the turnovers in the graveyard. Cut them across their width to get 5 pieces each. Melt 20 – 25 large marshmallows in the microwave with a tablespoonful of butter or margarine (about 30 seconds). Stir and then put a drizzle on each grave and toss a bit more chocolaty cereal on top. The marshmallow drizzle holds the dirt loosely, since you want the graves exposed. Scatter the grass over and around the graveyard.

For a finishing touch, add a tombstone by placing a gumdrop at the head of each grave. Make a few piles of chocolaty cereal to indicate digging.

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