Harry Potter Recipes Perfect for Halloween

Harry Potter has been a favorite for kids everywhere. What better a theme for Halloween than Harry Potter? The school for wizardry has a lot of excitement in every chapter. If you are looking for some good recipe ideas, you have found a good place to start. Below are some easy recipes that are great for Harry Potter fans and are something your kids will love. You could even let them help you with these fun food ideas.

Ghost Marshmallow Brownies

• 1 box of Duncan Brownie mix
• Eggs
• Vegetable oil
• Marshmallow spread
• Marshmallows
• Chocolate icing

Make your brownies according to the box, let them cool, and prepare your icing. You will need to heat your marshmallow spread so it will spread easily on your brownie. After coating it with marshmallow then top it with the marshmallows and cover a bit more with the spread. Add a chocolate icing face and it’s ready to serve.

Magical Ice-cream Cookie Sandwiches

• Big chocolate chip cookies
• Chocolate Ice-cream
• M&Ms chocolate candies or other candies

Put your chocolate ice cream on top of one of your cookies and then top it with another cookie as if you were making a sandwich. Stick M&Ms and candies in your ice cream and it is ready to eat.

Hogwarts’s Banana Cheesecake Pudding

• Bananas
• Cream cheese 8 oz
• Sweetened condensed milk
• 2 boxes instant vanilla pudding
• Vanilla wafers
• Cool whip
• Milk

Make your banana pudding according to the box. In a separate bowl, add your cream cheese (softened), small can of condensed milk, and one bowl of cool whip and whip with a beater until well blended. Then add your pudding and blend it all together until blended well. Using a large serving bowl, you will want to layer your bowl with banana’s and vanilla wafers. You pour pudding and layer it again until all pudding is layered. Top it with bananas and wafers and your pudding is ready to serve.

Hagrid’s Deviled Eggs

• 1 to 2 dozen large white eggs
• Salt
• Salad dressing
• Mustard
• Paprika
• Cilantro

You will need to boil your eggs in salt water until fully cooked. The salt water helps to peel your eggs with ease. After you peel all your eggs, you will want to cut each egg in half, putting all of the yolks in a bowl. After all your eggs are cut you will need to smash up your yolks until is well crumbled. You then add about one or two heaping tablespoons of salad dressing and about two small squirts of mustard. Add a dash of paprika and blend until well blended. You then can put all your mixture in your eggs, filling all egg halves. Then top each egg with a small piece of fresh cilantro and sprinkle paprika.

All of these are simple to make recipes and easy to serve for any Halloween event. These are my kid’s favorite recipes and I am positive all kids everywhere will enjoy. Spice up your Halloween with these fun ideas and go online if you are looking for some more. Harry Potter fans no matter what age can make these simple recipes.

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