Meat Skull -Creepy Halloween Meat Platter

Offer up a simple and fun, and seriously creepy meat tray for your Halloween party by creating a meat skull and cheese platter. This totally creepy display is super simple and definitely freaky enough to give a little fright to hungry onlookers. The great thing about this platter is that it is super simple and offers a nice alternative to the sweet and treats mostly served at Halloween festivities. You can compliment this dish with bread rolls, food dyed mayonnaise- think blood red or booger green mayo, and some veggies. It makes a complete meal or a simple snack for kids and adults as well and requires very little preparation.


Plastic Skull
Cream Cheese
Meats and Cheeses (enough for 4-12 people)
Green Olives


Taking an inexpensive plastic skull, slather on some cream cheese, apply a layer of thinly sliced, flesh-colored meats, place green olives into the eye sockets, and that’s it- you’ve got a creepy centerpiece for your Halloween party.

Photo via Flickr

This plastic skull is perfect for your meat head platter- The Halloween Budget Life-Size Human Skull can be found at Amazon for pretty cheap and makes a great decoration or mold! Just wrap the meat around the skulls head and create a real meat sheet head. Use olives for the eyes or add some creepy flashing lights for a really eerie effect!

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