Plan a Creepy Halloween Party

Halloween is coming up and having a creepy Halloween party will be a must this year. If you want to keep your party out of the grave, while people are screaming for more, take a look at these creepy yet fun ideas.


The Halloween decor you use will make your party. Too often, people go very cheap on this, and the few decorations they have are sporadic, and appear out of place. There is a list of items you must have to ensure your party isn’t bland.

* Black & Orange Crepe Pap
* Black & Orange Balloons
* Realistic Body Parts
* Plenty of Skeletons
* Cobwebs
* Fog Machine
* Black Lights

Of course, you can add to this list, but these will be the essentials to get your party started. Decide which rooms that party will be taking place in. Usually, it is best to get a large central location and keep your décor there, while adding a little bit to the bathrooms and kitchen.

Cobwebs should be placed in the upper corners of the rooms, and perhaps have a single wall covered in web with a large spider placed in the middle. If you are really creative, make a “body” on the wall wrapping pillows inside of the fake web.

Scatter body parts along the floor and in areas where people won’t be walking. In the corners, place skeletons to give the room a full effect of horror. Just make sure you keep it in good taste, and don’t go too intense if you plan on small children attending the party.


This is the second most important part of the party. People will remember your decorations as well as your food. Don’t try to do too much with it, but have a little fun.

Chips and soda will be a requirement. Not everyone will want you creepy foods you create, and most people might like looking at them, but they might not want to try what we suggest. These backup options work for the more sensitive eaters.

Let’s take a look at some basic ideas for creepy treats.

Bloody Punch – We all know that punch is blood red, but you can take it to a creepy level. Many stores sell “body part” candy at Halloween time. Get a series of fingers and eye balls and mix them into the bowl. Make sure you do this once people start arriving, as they won’t last more than a few hours in the punch. Some of these items have candy bones in the center, and can be a grotesque addition to the drink if you pick those up. Check out this fun recipe for Mummys Hand Punch.

Bloody Eye Balls – This is really simple. Make a batch of popcorn balls and dye the popcorn red. Allow them to dry for a period of time, and then add a black dot of food dye to the center for this dramatic effect. For something a bit more elaborate try Demon Deviled Eyeballs, a tasty appetizer everyone seems to love.

Broken Teeth – The last of the simple ideas consists of candy corn and Hawaiian Punch concentrate. Break the corn pieces down and mix them with the syrup for a creepy look. You can use any other red syrup you like, if you have trouble finding the punch.


For Halloween, you will want some basic monster music blasting on the stereo that people can dance too. While the guests arrive, haunted sounds are fine, but for the party to begin kick off traditional favorites. Some of those include:

* Thriller – Michael Jackson
* Monster Mash – Bobby Boris Pickett
* Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley
* This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson


Depending on the ages of those attending, you will need to have some activities besides dancing and costume judging setup. There are a few ideas we’ll share in this article, being creative will make for better results.

Killer in the Dark
This is an old fashioned game. People will draw from a hat a piece of paper. Each will either blank, have the letter V, or the letter K. Blank pieces of paper mean a person is not affected when the lights go out, V is a victim and K is for the killer. When the pieces of paper are handed out, the lights go out for 30 seconds. The person with the V will lie down, and the killer will tap another person and they die. When the lights on, the group has one guess as to who the murderer is, and if caught the round ends, and a new batch is set.

Eerie Scavenger Hunt
You take the traditional scavenger hunt, and break it down in the house. Have people dig through bloody creations to get clues to find some hidden prize. Of course, for added fun….make them eat something really gross before they can win it.

Printable Halloween Games

If you are going to have kids of any age at your Halloween party, it might be a great idea to have some printable Halloween games they can play or color on. You can turn these games into contest of sorts with prizes or you can just let them entertain themselves by playing along. These are really neat ways to let kids join in the fun without having to worry they may get scared.

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