28 Ugly Halloween Sweaters to Wear This Season

Most people have been to an ugly sweater party during Christmas time, but did you know there are also ugly Halloween sweaters? Of course, “ugly” is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s no doubt that when it comes to sweaters made for Halloween, there are some rather interesting sweaters for people to wear.

If you’re interested in wearing a sweater this Halloween that shows off your own sense of style, regardless of what that style is, below are some sweaters to consider.

1. Rage of Cthulhu Halloween Sweater

Ugly Halloween Sweater

Black and green with mathematical and wizard-like designs on it…uhm yes please! The picture on the front is Cthulhu, the mythical a sea creature guaranteed to turn heads.

And the Cthulhu creature’s ultimate goal? No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain: you never want to be on its bad side! However, you can enjoy its picture on an unusual-looking ugly Halloween sweater!

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2. Voodoo Skull Sweater

Snake Eyes Halloween Sweater

This black sweater has a picture of a skull on it with snakes coming out of all of its orifices, making for a pretty scary errr ‘ugly’ sweater.

When it comes to interesting-looking Halloween sweaters, this is one of the best. It epitomizes the essence of Halloween thanks to its eye-catching design, and its bright neon-like colors give it an even more unique touch.

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3. “Halloween is My Christmas” Sweater

For many people, the best holiday of the year is not Christmas but Halloween, and this sweater demonstrates that perfectly! Nobody says you can’t wear Halloween goods till Christmas!

Designed in black with red and white designs on it, it has pictures of skulls dancing around and the words “Halloween is My Christmas” printed on the top.

It is both colorful and unique, and its style is certainly one of the more original Halloween designs you’ll find.

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4. Nightmare on Elm Street Sweater

Let’s face it, few movie characters are scarier or uglier than Freddy Kreuger, and this Nightmare on Elm Street sweater shows all of his ugliness on the front of a sweater for the world to see.

The bright multicolor design does a great job of showing Freddy’s true character, and the look on his face is certain to scare the you-know-what out of anyone who sees you wearing it!

Makes a great minimalist costume as well as you can pair it with just a glove and hat for that perfect look.

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5. Sugar Skull Sweater

To say that this is a sweater with a very “busy” design is merely stating the obvious. The sweater contains colors such as turquoise, red, and many others, and there’s a giant colorful skull smack dab in the middle of it.

If you love Day of the dead skulls, this is the sweater for you. It is perfect for a guy or gurl, thanks to its many interesting colors and standout design. A fun style to bring to any Halloween party or eve.

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6. Celestial Spirit Board Sweater

A giant hand reaches across the top of this sweater and caresses a spirit board, causing people to wonder what will happen next.

Between the pointed black fingernails on the hand and the black, white, and orange color theme, this is a perfect sweater for the Halloween season. Creepy and intriguing!

The celestial designs on the sleeves of the sweater make the perfect highlight for this unusual sweater.

Spirit Board Sweater in Halloween Costumes.

7. Classic Horror Monsters Sweater

If you love goblins and ghouls, this sweater is for you. This fun Halloween sweater has a busy design that consists of lots of different monsters on it, all lined up in rows for your pleasure and the pleasure of anyone who sees it.

With colors such as orange, neon green, and bright-purple, it screams out Halloween and that’s what makes the sweater so unique.

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8. Batty for Candy Sweatshirt

Another “busy” sweater, this one has lines of ghosts and pumpkins at the top and bottom, and bats and candy corn in the center with the words “Batty for Candy” printed in large letters. Good for any mom or pop heading out or staying in for the fun night!

Many sweaters considered ugly or interesting have a lot of detail that doesn’t seem to match up or make any sense, and this one is no different. We like that its simple and a non-scary version for those moms and dads with little ones.

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9. Beetlejuice Sweater

If you love the movie Beetlejuice, you’ll love this sweater. In bright, almost obnoxious colors such as neon green and bright-purple, it has pictures of the house, the little girl, Lydia and of course, Beetlejuice from the movie of the same name.

It’s definitely an eye-catching sweater, perfect for Halloween, and you can wear it to any “ugly sweater” contest you’re invited to with great results!

No need to wear your own Halloween Costumes when you have these sweater to head out in. Toss on a hat, some fun eye make up or just your normal ghoulish smile and you are ready for a night of adventures!

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10. Freddy Versus Jason Sweater

All lovers of horror movies know who Freddy and Jason are, and this sweater has a large bloody knife right in the center of it, along with these two antagonists facing one another in an eerie manner.

Black in color with red trim, it is a reminder of why so many people don’t watch horror movies, and an even bigger reminder of why they are so popular with others!

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11. Skeleton Bones Sweater

Many people simply love skeletons, and if you’re one of them, you’ll love this sweater. Black and white in design, it has pictures of dozens of skeletons on it for an eerie and scary look.

In fact, there are so many skeletons on the sweater that they’re even found on the sleeves for extra measure, in case you missed the ones on the front of the sweater!

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12. Skulls, Ghosts and Pumpkins Oh My!

Did somebody say “classic”?! This skull sweater has a black background, but you can barely see it thanks to the dozens of white skulls found on it, which cover the entire sweater.

The image of a skull always reminds people of Halloween, and the skulls on this sweater seem to be staring out at you creepily so that you’ll always know they’re there.

The Ghost sweater offers a creepy vibe while the pumpkins make you feel a bit a safer. Super fun ugly Halloween sweaters to enjoy this season!

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13. Bad Witch Sweater

With a vintage look, this sweater has the words “bad witch” printed in large letters on the front, while bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and witches flood the background.

In fact, the sweater has so many reminders of Halloween that you won’t ever have to wonder what holiday they made it for. Even without the saying on it, the eerie pictures will remind you that it’s Halloween time once again.

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14. Eyeball Watching You

A giant eye is centered on the front of this sweater, and the words “bad witch” are written in dripping blood over the eye.

It will definitely catch people’s attention, and not even the cute pumpkins lining the bottom of the sweater will make you forget about that huge eyeball staring at you and demanding respect.

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15. Halloween Stories Sweater

This sweater has a picture of a father reading a story to his son, with one huge difference: both father and son look like cracked creepy humanoid zombies!

You can’t look away from this seemingly innocent image because it’s just too disturbing. Creepy and ugly, but interestingly appealing, this is a great sweater for people who love anything that has to do with the “undead.”

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16. Cereal Killer Sweater

This black sweater has a creepy Jason-looking face on the front and the words “cereal killer” in large letters underneath.

Under the letters there is a bowl of cereal – just a reminder that you should never take yourself too seriously, even on Halloween!

For horror movie lovers with a sense of humor, this makes for a great Halloween gift or Halloween party attire.

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17. Ugly Blobfish Sweater

With a large unattractive pink-colored blobfish smack dab in the center of the design, this sweater is certain to attract attention. It’s also one of my son’s favorite old school memes.

The blobfish is wearing a witch’s hat and the word “boo” is written across the bottom. A basic shirt for sure, but when it comes to ugly Halloween sweaters, it definitely makes a statement.

It also comes in colors other than black, such as blue and gray if ya know you are in need of something matching.

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18. Just Here for the Boos Sweater

This sweater has a Pacman-looking ghost in the very center of the design, and the words “I’m just here for the boos” written across it in large letters.

We all know what he is looking for and when you are out trick or treating with kids, something the unspoken word gets the most attention!

The ghost is wearing sunglasses and carrying two mugs of foamy beer, completing the look and making the sweater even more interesting.

When you wear this one out in public, don’t be surprised if someone invites you over for a beer!

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19. Pumpkin Patch Sweater

Prepare to be a little freaked-out with this one, because in the middle of this black sweater is a group of pumpkins that do not look happy.

In fact, the looks on their faces are both scary and angry, giving any Halloween outfit the eeriness it deserves. The picture on the front is the stuff nightmares are made of, so this is definitely the quintessential Halloween sweater, for sure!

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20. Iguana Love Halloween

No one knows how or why iguanas and Halloween are connected, but that’s exactly what this shirt portrays.

An ugly iguana sits in the middle of the sweater, and it is surrounded with bats in the background and pumpkins lined up at the bottom.

There are a lot of people in the world who love iguanas, and this sweater is made for the lizard-lover in all of us.

Is it just me or does it look like he is tooting out little green ghosts!?! Ha.

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21. Prince of Darkness Sweater

This sweater has the words “prince of darkness” printed at the bottom and a vampire in the middle of the shirt, complete with a scary look on his face and very visible fangs.

He is not an attractive character, but he does scream “Halloween” in every way possible. If you love vampires and consider them an important part of the Halloween holiday, this sweater is for you.

Its ugly, its for Halloween… its the perfect Ugly Halloween Sweater!

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22. Friday the 13th Sweater

Another of the many Halloween sweaters based on a successful horror film. Photographs from the Friday the 13th movie are splattered across the front of the sweater, including the eerie-looking lake and of course, Jason himself.

Jason, in fact, is staring out at you as if to dare you to approach him, and the dark colors that make up the sweater definitely add to its interesting design.

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23. Day of the Dead Sweater

In not-so-subtle colors such as bright-purple, neon green, and basic black and white, there are dancing skeletons on this sweater that are both right-side-up and upside-down, making for a very playful sweater that almost enables you to see for yourself the skeletons turning cartwheels and having fun.

Its a Dead Mans Party! The colors don’t seem to match and the design is unusual, but the sweater makes a perfect one for Halloween!

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24. Ripped Open Skeleton Sweater

If you love skeletons, this sweater is for you, even though the chest area is the only part of the skeleton you see and you can even see straight through it!

It’s a little eerie, but eye-catching, and there are more bones and some pumpkins on the sleeve area. To make it even better – or worse, depending on how you look at it – the colors are drab and consist mostly of black, gray, and pale-orange.

An ideal Creepy Halloween Sweater for the Season!

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25. Dachshund Sweater

If you love Dachshund dogs, this sweater is certain to catch your attention. It has the words “happy halloweiner” printed on the front, along with a Dachshund who seems to be wearing an ugly sweater of his own.

Even people who don’t own dogs will love this sweater, especially the letters that appear to be bleeding orange. I am so in love with this funny sweater!!

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26. The Ultimate Ugly Halloween Sweater

Both funny and simple, this sweater is black and simply has the words “ugly Halloween shirt” in the very center.

The sweater comes in several solid colors, including black, and the words are in white, green, and orange.

If you’re lazy when it comes to picking out a Halloween costume and you’re invited to an Ugly Sweater Contest, don’t forget that this shirt is out there.

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27. Trick or Treats Sweater

A solid-colored sweater with a bloody face in the very center of the design, the photograph is surrounded by the words “trick or treats” in large white letters.

The face is both scary and ugly, but it is definitely a sweater that will remind everyone who sees it of Halloween and the many fun activities associated with it.

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28. Zero- Nightmare Before Sweater

Night before Christmas Zero Halloween Sweater

Based on the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, the shirt has a large picture of the odd-looking white dog from the movie, and he’s balancing a pumpkin on the tip of his nose.

The dog, Zero, is both oddly appealing and unattractive at the same time, but if you love the movie and also love ugly Halloween sweaters, you’d do well to remember this one.

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So now you have 28 wickedly fun ugly Halloween sweaters to choose from! These are great for going to parties, to wear out Halloween night if you are not feeling the whole costume thing, and perfect for answering the door on the Hallows Eve as well. Tell us which are your favorites.

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